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What is this?

We are a (mostly) streaming convention for those of you who would like a way to participate in a virtual version of the con to support artists and dealers (and hopefully see some panels & DJs too!) in the wake of Furnal Equinox’s cancellation. We will be running various programming all weekend, as well as spotlighting various artists and dealers running special sales.

How is this going to work?

We’re figuring it all out now, but likely we’re setting it up so people will be streaming from their own picarto/twitch channels and we’ll link them up on a schedule.

How do I participate?

Check the sign-up links above. If the forms are closed, we’re no longer accepting submissions.

Can I participate if I didn’t have a dealer’s space/artist’s table/panel/DJ at Furnal Equinox or Toronto Comic Con?

We’re happy to have you if you’re just attending, but for this event, we’re focusing on Furnal Equinox and Toronto Comic Con attendees.

Are you ever going to open up applications to others?

For future events, yes!

Are you going to have more events in the future?

Yes! We plan to, we’ll keep you posted on social media.

How do I stream?

Any streaming service will do, but we recommend Picarto running OBS.

Are there any relevant hashtags?

Yes! Please use #KeepCalmCon and #FurnalIsolation.

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Eevachu and Nicnak044.

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Dasrael and Leah

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